Kayak Fishing On The Clarence River

One of the great things about being right on the Clarence River just outside of Yamba is the easy access to some of this country’s best fishing.

And while you’ll have no problems fishing from the boat ramp right here in our caravan park, if you can bring your fishing kayak with you then you’re going to have a whole lot of fun.

Listed below are seven great yamba fishing spots you can access from our park in a relatively short paddle (or pedal).

Some of these spots are well known such as Browns Rocks.

But some of the others tend to be a little quieter because we’re away from the hustle and bustle that can happen closer to the mouth of the river, where you’ve got boats hanging around the middle wall and other popular spots.

We’ve marked out these 7 spots for you on the image below, and provided a little more info for each spot further down the page.

A, B & C – Harwood Island Creeks

If you head upriver from the park around the bend towards Harwood Island Bridge, you’ll see three creek openings on the western bank.

These shallow creeks are a great spot to check out on weekends when traffic is heavy because they’re only accessible by kayak and the fish here won’t be spooked by boat noise. There are big flathead, school mulloway and some trophy bream found on the top of the tide if you’re lucky.

D – Palmers Island Rockwall

This spot is on the eastern bank of the river just as you round the bend on your way to the three creek entrances mentioned above.

Good numbers of decent sized bream can be caught here on the drift.

E – Palmers Island Northern Bend

This is a continuation of the bank coming up from the boat ramp in the park (see below) and it houses some very big flathead at times. On the bend there’s a drop off that’s worth fishing for bream or school mulloway.

F – Browns Rocks

Browns Rocks is a very well known area for producing big bream, with many of the competition fishermen heading here when the Australian Bream Tour is in town.

But as it’s such a well known fishing spot it can get busy. If it is a bit crowded, simply move on to the next spot.

G – BIG4 Saltwater Boat Ramp

This will be your launching point when you stay here in the park.

There are often bream and flathead caught right off the front of the boat ramp.

On the top of the tide, paddle up river and work the southern bank for big flathead with 4-6 inch soft plastics.

H – Goodwood Island

Directly opposite Freeburn Island along the South-Eastern bank of Goodwood island is a section that is generally good for flathead.

Worth heading to if Browns Rocks is busy.

I – Freeburn Island

There is a deep channel on the North West bank that holds schools of bream and mulloway – test your luck on either side of high or low tide.

J – Freeburn Island – Lower SW Edge

There are often plenty of good sized flathead to be found around the lower South-West edge of Freeburn Island.